Is a document required for applying duplicate pan card?


I have lost my pan card 4 days before. I am very sad and not feeling well. i need to collect the duplicate pan card for given pan number in interview card. I have search jobs as more. But i cannot get good job. Yesterday I have attended the interview. It is really good job for me and convenient also. That company will conduct the online interview. I need to apply that company with my proof. Like pan card and voter id. Pan card number is compulsory for given in that interview card. Please tell me the details about download the duplicate pan card in online. Shall i require to given all documents in duplicate pan card? I have already submitted the proof of documents at the time of getting pan card at first. Please tell me the applying procedure and what the rules to be followed are.

I need to reprint my pan card from online website. I cannot login my pan card details to see. That pages in showing as error. It is very important for getting my duplicate pan card. How to duplicate pan card apply online? I am still searching about the matters in online. My friends are telling some ways for getting my pan card. But not one cannot be work for getting my details. I need to change the details in my pan card. How is the possible way for collect my login details and changes my important matters? I need the notes and related points in here. I have shared my mail id and social web pages for sharing your thoughts and ideas to me. Please not ignore my question. I need the quick response from yours. I hope you all to help me for collecting the duplicate pan card for getting my job in online. That interview held on Wednesday morning. So please help me the same